New Yankee Stadium Serving Moldy Hot Dog Buns

If you haven’t had lunch yet, or are afraid it might come back up, you might want to wait a few minutes before reading this post. But if you have a strong stomach, here’s a question to digest: How can a new billion-dollar state-of-the-art baseball stadium be selling moldy hot dog buns?

Yankee Stadium moldy hot dog

THE VOICE OF THE YANKEES UNIVERSE is asking itself that same question, as they share an unappetizing story about one Bronx Bomber fan’s belly-churning visit to the brand new ballpark.

A guy who goes by the moniker Bald Vinny Milano steps up to the plate and describes what happened:

“I was at the game tonight, and the kid in front of me was eating a hot dog. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot a big patch of green mold on the bottom of the bun. I warned the guy about two bites before he ate the moldy bread, and he practically threw up. I can’t believe that would even happen at a place like Yankee Stadium. There are really expensive, high class places to eat in the stadium, but somehow a moldy hot dog roll made its way to a CUSTOMER! I was so shocked, I took a picture of it.”

If you’re gonna pay over $300 for a seat, you better be getting something extra with your wieners - but most folks probably wouldn’t be expecting penicillin. And apparently Yankees concessions dealt with the problem just as you would expect:

“Here is the kicker…he went back to the concession stand, and they would not give him another hot dog! They offered him another bun, but not a replacement dog!”

I’m surprised the concessionaires didn’t try to pass off the mold as guacamole.

I would question the truthiness of this story if it was coming from a Red Sox or Mets blog. But it’s coming from a Yankees fan site, and why would they besmirch their favorite team with such a foul stadium food story? As if the astronomical ticket prices weren’t enough to make your average Yanks fan sick.