New Yankee Stadium: $320 Obstructed View Seats!

Despite all the hype, hoopla and taxpayer dollars going into the New Yankee Stadium, with its multiple restaurants, 86 jumbotrons and quasi-historical facades, some things remain the same. Unfortunately, those things are the horrendous views from second-tier seats along the outfield lines, where enormous structural beams completely obscure the view of the field for anyone who happens to be sitting in them. For example, as first pointed out by the blog NEW STADIUM INSIDER, here’s the view from two seats in Section 230, which is out along the left field foul line:

Yankees Obstructed View Tickets Cost $320 Each

($107 for every inning Derek Jeter will play in that exhibition game!)

Not too good, huh? The scary thing is that section 230 is hardly the only one with a seriously problematic view. Early reports from prospective season ticket buyers claimed that the team’s ticket office was feigning ignorance whenever it was asked about “partial” obstructions. When that didn’t last, the office caved in and admitted that there were some issues, but didn’t announce that price shifts would reflect that.

Not surprisingly, some of the first fans to complain were those interested in left field bleacher seats, since many of those are allegedly obstructed by the new centerfield restaurant. Someone, making Yankee Bleacher Creatures pay full price for obstructed view tickets doesn’t sound like the safest strategy to us.

So, if you’re keeping track, the Yankees built a new stadium, used some $600+ million of taxpayer money for it, failed to eradicate many of the problems they had with the old stadium and, to date, have refused to acknowledge those problems exist. Sounds strangely appropriate for the Yankees, doesn’t it.

And if you thought things might get a little more fair on the open market, don’t count on it. Single tickets for team’s first game in the new ballpark, an exhibition contest against the Cubs, will cost up to $320 apiece. Makes you wonder if potential buyers realize they’re paying that much to stare at an enormous gray pole.