Faux-Fatheads Featuring Family Great X-Mas Gift

Still looking for that last-minute Christmas gift? Darren Rovell of CNBC suggests there’s no better way to show your holiday spirit than by decking the halls with humongous visions of yourself:

dog close-up

A company called WallMonkeys have expanded on the Fathead concept of giant wall posters - but this time, it’s personal. For only $50 to $90 (plus tax), customers can send in their photos, and WallMonkeys will send back 2- to 6-foot versions to proudly display on the vertical surface of your choice.

Who needs Tom Brady or Peyton Manning gracing your kid’s bedroom wall, when it can be a enlarged snapshot of a drunk Uncle Bob spilling his beer and tripping over his own feet while arguing how the Democrats have ruined the country to cousin Kristy’s frightened boyfriend at the last family outing?

Darren Rovell Blades of Glory

Of course, we already have our photo choice picked out.

Merry X-Mas, Darren!