New To Us: “Rumor” Packer Getting Pushed Out?

Ever notice how sports media critics sometimes tend to push the most interesting tidbits in their latest published submissions to the bottom of the piece?

Billy Packer

(No, that pesky ocular degeneration not reason for “rumor”)

Teddy Greenstein of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE does that today, with a passing reference to a “rumor” apparently floating around that this will be Billy Packer’s last NCAA tournament as a broadcaster for CBS.

More than halfway through the piece, Greenstein has this wishful thinking:

A CBS Sports spokeswoman shot down a rumor that this would be Billy Packer’s last NCAA tournament. It will be Packer’s 34th Final Four.

What rumor? We hadn’t heard that and couldn’t turn up anything in numerous google searches.

Billy Packer Charlie Rose Fag Out YouTube Video

(If only this had led to his dismissal *sniff*)

Of course, Packer’s on-air demise would be call for a country-wide celebration. But our disdain for the wine-stain-headed one has long since dissipated. Like all normal Americans, once we discovered the mute button on our insanely overcomplex universal remote, Packer was no longer party to our teevee-watching experience.

Question: Do you know a breathing soul who actually enjoys Packer’s commentary? Also, that person has to have had a solid bowel movement in the past six months, or they aren’t counted in our demographic survey.

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