New Sugar Ray Movie In The Works About The Boxer Not The Band

SUGAR RAY BIOPIC TO BE PRODUCED BY TONY LA RUSSA: Every Morning, you’ll want to Fly to the nearest theater to check out the new movie starring Sugar Ray!

Sugar Ray band boxer

Oh, wait. It’s not about the band, but about the guy the band named themselves after - boxer Sugar Ray Leonard. (And Leonard named himself after another boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson. This could go on for days.)

CINEMATICAL has the scoop on the Sugar Ray biopic. Actor-comedian Kevin Pollak will be producing the film through Red Bird Cinema, his production company that also counts Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa as a member.

Tony LaRussa Kevin Pollak

Tony does have plenty of time on his hands at the moment that he can spend on filmmaking - unless Mr. Steinbrenner calls on him to fill a soon-to-be-vacant position.

How will Pollak cast the new film? For a little insight, this YouTube clip offers his personal choices if he had directed one of the “Star Trek” flicks.

Maybe Mark McGrath will have a cameo, since he’s so hot and cool and everything. And he can have the pleasure of reporting about himself on the next episode of “Extra“.