New Study Shows Golfing Will Make You Go Deaf

Since the dawn of time — or sometime in the 12th century — man has played the game of golf to get away from the real world for a while.   As with everything over a long period of time, things have changed during the game.  The first folks to play the sport hit stones into rabbit holes, and over time, the game evolved into what we see today.   Of course, the game continues to evolve today, specifically when it comes to the equipment used.  But much like computer technology that will someday rise up against its human creator and take over the world — at least, this is what Hollywood has told me will happen a hundred times over — it turns out that modern golf equipment is dangerous for those who use it.

Titanium drivers: The not-so-silent killer

You know the ping you hear everytime a golfer strikes a ball off the tee or the fairway?  That sound is often a pretty good indicator of how well the ball was hit, but scientist fear that the sound made by newer titanium clubs could have a pretty bad effect on golfers.   The sound made by the new clubs is so loud, in fact, that some scientists fear it could cause golfers to go deaf.

From the DAILY MAIL:

Modern titanium clubs create a ’sonic boom’ when they connect with the ball, say scientists.

The risk of going deaf is so great that doctors are advising golfers to wear earplugs while they play their tee shots.

Experts have identified at least one case of a golfer of 55 who they believe has damaged his hearing as a result of using one of the new drivers three times a week for the last 18 months.

While the steel clubs produced the agreeable ‘tink’ of a well-hit shot, the titanium ones were much louder, described by some as similar to a gun being fired

Dr Malcolm Buchanan, an Edinburgh-trained ear, nose and throat specialist - and a keen golfer - said: ‘Our results show that thin-faced titanium drivers may produce sufficient sound to induce temporary or even permanent cochlear damage in susceptible individuals.”

Heh, heh, he said “cochlear.”

Personally I’m having a hard time believing that hitting a golf ball can cause you to go deaf, but then again, I’m not a doctor I just tell women that I meet at bars I am.   I mean, I don’t play golf but I do watch it on television a bit, and I’ve never heard a drive so loud that I thought it might rupture an eardrum.

Though I guess if the study is true, it helps explain why John Daly doesn’t seem to hear all those people telling him to get some help.