New Site Lets You Hire Hotties To Golf With You

We’ve all been there before. You and your two buddies go to play some golf, and just as you’re ready to tee off the starter comes up and tells you that this fat guy in a tank top is going to be joining your group. Wouldn’t it be better if you could choose to fill out your foursome with someone who’s a little easier on the eyes?

Anna Rawson Blair ONeal Play Golf Designs

That’s what PLAY GOLF DESIGNS thinks. The Las Vegas-based website allows you, for a rather hefty fee, to choose from 24 attractive young ladies to come play golf with you. But this isn’t Par Mates or some sort of veiled prostitution ring. No, these are actual aspiring professional golfers who have decided to use their physical attributes to help supplement their income while they work on their game.

And it’s not just a bunch of no-names, either. Among the ladies available for hire are Aussie Go Daddy Girl Anna Rawson and established LPGA pro Aree Song.

More details, and many more photos of the ladies, after the jump.

If anything, this goes to show how little money is out there in women’s golf right now, unless you’re always at the top of the leaderboard. And even so, some LPGA events are going by the wayside because of sponsorship issues.

While this is far from prostitution and I hesitate to make that connection, there is something a little disconcerting (or perhaps awesome, depending on your perspective) about essentially looking at a “menu” of girls (pictured above) and choosing who you want to come be your new partner on the links. It’s basicially an escort service, right?

TIME tries to figure out how we should be feeling about all of this:

To be sure, some players don’t mind dressing up and showing off their skills to loutish men. “There’s this terrible stigma that if you’re attractive, you can’t play sports,” says Anna Rawson, the rising LPGA star who was named Maxim’s Sexiest New Athlete in February 2008. “Men are shocked by how good we are.” Many are working for Sadekar to help make ends meet. Most Play Golf Designs players are on the futures tour, still chasing their fragile big-league dreams. By playing in corporate junkets and on bachelor-party outings, these women can supplement their sparse income.

Don’t think you’re just going to pick one of these girls up for your next round, though. Unless you have between $2,500 and $25,000 to blow on a golf partner.  I guess it all seems harmless enough, and the girls all seem to know what they’re being a part of, but it can’t necessarily feel all that great to be someone chasing a dream of being a legitimate pro athlete and also being hired to “perform” at a bachelor party.

Still, I don’t think any guys are complaining about the service being provided:

While the Play Golf Designs pros won’t actually wear high heels as they shoot a round with your clients, don’t expect khakis and a cardigan. The fashion tastes of each woman differ, but a few have indeed dressed on the course like spring-break barmaids. To Sadekar, the attire is part of the attraction, and everyone just needs to lighten up. “Look at what the women’s tennis players get to wear,” she says. “Unfortunately, as golfers we get shafted. Khakis just aren’t cool.”

Some folks, including the LPGA, don’t seem to be all that thrilled that these women are being marketed more for their looks than their skills. And it’s true that golf skill is really secondary here. I don’t think most guys would drop 5 grand to play a round with Nancy Lopez. In fact, Play Golf Designs might be wrong in assuming that guys who would use this service even care if their companions have any golf skills at all.  But put a skirt and some golf shoes on that girl Mark Sanchez is dating, and nobody at a bachelor party is going to care if she’s got a good short game.

Nisha Sadekar, the owner of the company, isn’t pulling any punches in going after the LPGA for not marketing the looks of their players:

“With every one of our players, everyone asks, What kind of bag is that? What kind of shirt is that?” says Sadekar. “When you look at Lorena Ochoa, you already know the answers. People take notice of our women. People talk. Who wants to talk about Lorena Ochoa? Who cares?”

Here are a few of the girls who are making you forget about Lorena Ochoa. Go ahead and try to book them, if you got the cash (click on the pics for larger versions):

Blair O’Neal:

Blair ONeal

Blair O'Neal

 Bridget Dwyer:

Bridget Dwyer

Bridget Dwyer

Kim Hall:

Kim Hall

Kim Hall

Kim Kouwabunpat:

Kim Kouwabunpat

Kim Kouwabunpat

And, of course, Anna Rawson:

Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson

Anna Rawson