New Schilling Rule Excluded Players From Winning Contract Incentive Awards

NEW ‘SCHILLING RULE’ KEEPS AWARDEES FROM CASHING IN Not to be outdone by his manager, Red Sox hurler Curt Schilling has caused the creation of another restrictive rule:

Curt Schilling Barbara Bush

The BOSTON GLOBE’S EXTRA BASES lays down the law that players given financial incentives to win certain awards will no longer be eligible for said awards.The Baseball Writers’ Association of America, approving the resolution on Wednesday, based the new rule on Schilling’s contract, which states that the Sox would pay their pitcher $1 million if he gets at least one Cy Young vote.

Luckily for Curt, the new rule doesn’t take affect until 2013. Meanwhile, the ‘Francona Rule‘ - limiting what managers can wear during game play - goes into action next season.


The new ‘Schilling Rule’ will replace the previous one, which banned Baconators in the bullpen up until the 6th inning.