New SbB Feature Rollouts: “SbB Live”, “SbB@3″

Today we’re adding a couple new features to SbB.

This morning we’re launching something called “SbB Live”. Weekdays from 10a-Midnight ET, I will update all essential sports news as it happens. Weekends will be from Noon-10p ET. The entries/links will be very short, and organized by hour. There will be a small, high profile update box on the front page containing the last four entries along with a link to a main SbB Live page that includes all the entries from that day - plus archives. Bookmark that. It’ll be very handy.

Howard Cosell's Saturday Night Live Alan King Charo Jim Nabors

(No idea how that show failed.)

SbB Live is not a live blog, and it isn’t Twitter. It’s an hour-by-hour accounting of the major sports news that breaks everyday. So if you’re out to lunch from 1p ET to 3p ET, you can goto the SbB Live main page and see precisely what broke during those hours - instead of guesswork via the front page or any other main sports media source. And it’ll all be on basically one page for you, with simple text links.

Eazy, brah.

There will be no photos and at most, a speck of commentary. The updates are about twice as long as what Twitter can facilitate, but this will be systematic updating, not random Tweeting about the day’s events. Every day will be the same, consistent.

The whole point of SbB Live is to inform you of the big sports news of the day you missed, and precisely when it happened. And since I will be doing the majority of entries, you’ll get a 16-year veteran of the sports media hand-selecting what you see.

Also, this afternoon we’re starting something called “SbB@3″. SbB@3 will be a daily feature from a member of our esteemed writing staff posted weekdays at 3p ET. Each day of the week will have a consistent, yet extremely unorthodox theme.

You’re going to enjoy it.

We’re also in the process of polishing up the site. If you’re experienced at producing original Word Press themes, give me a shout at


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