New Photo Of Lois Feldman; Victim Of Foul Play?

Another apparent photo of Lois Feldman has hit the web, and we have an update on her Metrodome anonymous sex story. Feldman, the woman accused of having sex in a bathroom stall during a a football game, now says that she thinks someone slipped something in her drink before the encounter. An encounter that she says she doesn’t remember.

Lois Feldman Photo Sex Metrodome Bathroom Stall With Ross Walsh Photo

(Another supposed photo of Lois Feldman)

This new revelation popped us over the weekend after Minneapolis police closed the case. Initial reports were that the sex was consensual.

Lois Feldman Ross Walsh Metrodome sex couple

So why is Feldman now saying she was drugged? And what is the man in the story, Ross Walsh, saying about all this?

Walsh is MIA, no one can find him. My guess is he’s probably on a Somali pirate ship somewhere in the Indian Ocean. Or hanging out with Pauly Shore at the Seventh Veil on Sunset Blvd.

As for Feldman, she has said all along that she doesn’t remember the meeting with Walsh. And that she would never do such a thing (”my kids are my life!”). So I suppose her drink being tainted intentionally isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. But of course, you also wonder if the new claims are the result of prodding from an attorney looking to make a name - or some cash (hello again Mark Geragos, and welcome to Larry King Live!!)

We haven’t heard the last of this. Based on the second Feldman foto though, I hope this is the last we’ve seen of Lois.