New For London 2012: Competitive Pole Dancing?

There are several sports that trying to get a place on the Olympics Games rotation (yes Peyton, including football). CO-ED MAGAZINE talks about one that probably won’t be, but would probably make guys watch more Olympics coverage online when their wives are asleep with their wives: Competitive Pole Dancing.

Jamie Lee Curtis in True Lies

Apparently such competitions exist: SFGATE.COM has a list of several, ranging from the clothed to the nude. The story includes a video of the Belgian Competitive Pole Dancing Champion, Anouch Proost. Are we going to give you the SFW video? Of course we are…after the jump.

Actually, the concept of Competitive Pole Dancing isn’t…let’s call it “aesthetically pleasing”…but it also performs a valuable service: giving Olympic gymnasts a sport to compete in after they are officially over the hill (18 and older). Although it’s probably for the best if we ask the Chinese to not send a team: no one wants Chris Hansen lurking around the arena with a camera crew.

Of course, with any sport like this, we’ll need judges who are familiar with the intricacies of the art of pole dancing. I’d like to suggest that if Larry Johnson isn’t busy, he certainly has the necessary experience. (Or, let’s be honest, pretty much any NBA player.)

With people up in arms about softball being removed as an Olympic sport, maybe combining it with Competitive Pole Dancing is the way to go. I’m not sure exactly how you would get a pole planted on top of the dugout, but anything that would let the PA announcer say “let’s give it up for Jennie Finch pitching the third inning and dancing to some AC/DC” is something I can get behind. Scoring could be a combination of runs scored and singles earned.

Jennie Finch bikini top

Softball Pole Dancing for 2012: Someone get a petition started.