New Nets Season Ticket Plan: Buy Now, Pay Later

Things you expect to get a “no money down, don’t pay until 2009″ offer on: mattresses, big screen TVs, furniture. Not on that list is “NBA season tickets”, but the NY POST reports that’s just what the New Jersey Nets are offering their fans. They have made about 1,300 tickets available for fans at $440 each, with their credit cards not being charged until Jan. 5, 2009.

Vince Carter

At first blush this seems interesting, but then you remember: aren’t they having all kinds of problems financing their new arena? You would think they would want as much cash in their pockets as quickly as possible.

Team officials say they are doing this to be mindful of the recent economic downturn. This, of course, assumes that the economic situation will be better by January, and that our entire banking system won’t have crumbled like the buildings at the end of Fight Club.

This isn’t the first time that the Nets have gone to creative lengths to give fans incentives to purchase season tickets. Last year when high gas prices were going to be the death of the US economy (remember who quaint it was to worry about $4 a gallon gas), the Nets gave ticket holders gas cards worth 10 percent of their ticket price.

This sounds great on paper, but if the Nets get off to a rough start this season, it could be a disaster. Anyone who has ever bought or sold anything on eBay can tell you: get payment first, then deliver the goods.