New Nats’ Equipment Dmitri Young Won’t Use

Spies had an early look at the spanking new Washington Nationals locker room and Dmitri Young will have no use for at least item in the new D.C. palace - the Stairmaster (actual one below). Fatty came to camp out of shape and by the looks of things has no plans on dropping any poundage.

Dmitri Young's worst enemy - the stair climber

Nats’ insider Miss Chatter even got a good look at the showers that will be shared by Meathook, Nick Johnson, Austin Kearns, etc. Picked to finish either in last or next to last by any publication worth its weight in pulp, at least baseball in D.C. will be relevant with a new park. Beers may cost $7, but the seats will be cozy.

Where Nick Johnson and Austin Kearns will soap up each other

The clubhouse also features swimming pools and water treadmills that will serve as nothing more than a place to lounge and eat strawberries and cream for the Nats’ switch-hitting slugger. It’s quite the pad and will always be remembered in Washington folklore as the house Dmitri built.

Nationals new lockerroom lockers