New Missouri Hockey Logo Looks Kind of Familiar

Nothing will raise the ire of a Kansas City sports fan more than the image of the gentlemen to our lower right; that logo, that face, that uniform … it’s the Rorschach Test of the Damned for any Missourian. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that John Elway engineered more comeback victories against the Kansas City Chiefs than he did against any other team. And that’s saying something.

Missouri Mavericks, John Elway

So that’s why Missouri sports fans were taken aback recently when the new Central Hockey League franchise based in Independence, the Missouri Mavericks, unveiled their new logo and colors recently. Being that Independence is only about 10 miles from KC, this decision has the potential to be infected with all sorts of fail.

Will Missouri schoolkids be inclined to wear T-shirts emblazoned with this, when it looks so close to that of the hated Denver Broncos? Right down to the orange-and-blue. You could also start a new Minor League Baseball team in Columbus, Ohio and name them the Wolverines. That would be fun.

From the Chris Creamer message board:

I’m disappointed. I hate animals dressed up in hockey gear and people in KC don’t want a Denver Broncos-like logo.

However, don’t expect the new team to change its logo anytime soon. Like the name says, they’re mavericks!

“A maverick is someone who does it his way. He’s independent,” said Brad Lund, team president. “We’re in Independence.”

The team also released its color scheme, orange and light blue, as well as its logo, which depicts a scowling horse on ice skates gripping a hockey stick.

“It’s an intense horse,” said Patrick Armstrong, a team spokesman. “A motivated horse.”

Minor League Hockey has a great tradition of names and logos (all hail the late, great Missouri River Otters), and the CHL in particular. How can you not love the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs and the Odessa Jackalopes?

Ah well, it could be worse I suppose. Thanks to Uni-Watch.