New Mets Ballpark Panned By Feng Shui Expect

OUR DOWSING RODS WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH MR. MET: The NEW YORK POST recently had a feng shui expert, someone named Judith Wendell, evaluate the two new ballyards coming to New York: Citi Field and the new Yankee Stadium.

Citi Field

Apparently Ms. Wendell’s study concluded before Hank Steinbrenner picked out his corner office, as the Yankees’ new address got passing grades from the charlatan proprietor of the fake Asian tradition. And in a major upset, one of the facilities was scolded for a misguided design.

Feng Shui

Despite not even been allowed into the stadium, Ms. Wendell, who appropriately was “accidentally sprayed by a passing water truck” as she inspected Citi Field’s construction site, said her “dowsing rod” picked up “disturbed energy“.

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But of course there’s a perfect explanation for the downturn of her dowsing rod. She had obviously struck upon the future locker location of Lastings Milledge.