New Lions Coach Doesn’t Read Books By Women

Sometimes, we write headlines that are a little misleading to draw you, the reader, in for more. We don’t do it often, since that sort of stuff gets played out real quick, but it happens. Happens everywhere.

Jim Schwartz
(”It’s like they figured out a way to type with their vaginas. Can I say that?”)

This, amazingly, is not one of those instances. Look at that headline. Look at it again. Let it sink in. The Detroit Lions’ new head coach, Jim Schwartz, told the DETROIT NEWS that he doesn’t read book that women wrote. Would you like to know more? Because he’d like to tell you more.

Said Schwartz:

Schwartz is an avid reader of books — going through 500-plus pages in a day when he was single, not married with three kids as he is now — and the latest niches intriguing him are the Civil War and historical fiction.

“If I find an author — David Morrell, Mario Puzo, John Grisham or any guy I hear is good — I’ll read everything he did,” Schwartz said. “I don’t read books by women. I’ve tried to, but their perspective is different, so I stick with what I like.”

Even if that’s true, and we have absolutely zero reason to believe he’s making something like that up, perhaps he might want to, oh, keep that to himself.

Though women are a little, say, underrepresented in the sports world, we have it on good authority that some of them do watch football and say things that are more knowledgeable than “those helmets are shiny eee haha I like makeup.” It’s certainly not politically correct.

And yes, there’s an anti-P.C. crowd out there, and that’s fine. Most of those people aren’t the de facto faces of struh-guh-ling football franchises who would like to do anything to help sell more season tickets.

We’ll grant this: there’s a substantial difference between the way most men and most women artists approach whatever craft they’ve chosen. We’re just stunned that an avid reader would take that difference and use it to form a dogmatic opposition to reading any book a woman writes. It seems so counterintuitive to the whole point of reading in the first place.

But we’re not Jim Schwartz, and as the article states, he’s just comfortable in his own skin, thank you very much. It’s baffling all the same anyway.