New Basketball League Has The Need For Speed

Is the NBA a little too slow for you? Are you sick and tired of teams setting up “plays” and using “strategy” to combat “defensive alignments”? Are you interested in seeing athletes flail about as they frantically dribble up the court and force up shots as quickly as possible? Then the 3BA might just be for you!

Old school pickup game at camp

The 3BA is the new 3-on-3 professional basketball organization that’s taking the nation by storm by trying to eliminate the down-time that puts the average NBA viewer to sleep midway through the 2nd quarter. Geoffrey Arnold of THE OREGONIAN has the complete story.

A bullet-pointed list of how 3BA differs from your grandpa’s boring old NBA after the jump.

The NBA’s version of the XFL will include:

  • 3 players per team instead of 5
  • Same width as an NBA court, but the 3BA is 22 feet shorter for MORE ACTION!
  • 18-second shot clock instead of 24
  • Four 11-minute quarters instead of the 12-minute variety
  • Referees will not be forced to fix games because of gambling debts

No word yet on if the players will be forced to down Red Bull on the sidelines instead of Gatorade.