New Rule Keeps Golfers From Finishing Tourneys

A new PGA rule designed to limit congestion on the green is causing golfers to turn red.

Three Stooges Golf

ESPN’s Bob Harig writes about the new “MDF” designation - which stands for “Made (cut) didn’t finish”. This year, the PGA is further limiting how many players can continue in a tournament.

Previously, the top 70 finishers were allowed to continue - including all those golfers who were tied in the top 70 rankings, meaning more than 70 usually played on. But with the new rule, no more than 78 golfers will get to advance to the final rounds.

So, for those tied in 70th place, they’ll still be officially counted as having made the cut and get their tourney paycheck, but will have to stop playing. And their names one the leaderboard will be accompained by the letters “MDF’.

Many linksmen were loud in their criticism of the new rule.

Jim Furyk fumes, “I think it stinks. I’m not a big fan of it and I don’t understand why we’re doing it.”

John Daly doesn’t like it, either, by divulging, “I think it’s crazy. It’s a stupid rule, I’m sorry. I grinded my butt off to shoot even. Then I find out on 18 you might not be playing. I just wish we would have known.”

John Daly

If John has to quit early, at least it gives him more time to enjoy some beer & burgers back at the clubhouse.