New Fox Sideline Reporter Tied To Eddie Murphy

Big news everyone! You know how networks like to hire attractive women to roam the sidelines of NFL games getting “stories” about how so-and-so hurt their ankle, or how the coach was disappointed with his team’s performance in the first half but plans to turn it around in the second? Well, FOX went out and got another one! And this one has been romantically linked to Norbit star Eddie Murphy!

Nischelle Turner and Eddie Murphy

Nischelle Turner, seen sporadically on the Jullian Barbiere-hosted Good Day LA, will be on an NFL sideline near you this year.

Twenty bucks the execs at FOX took one look at her romantic resume, saw the Pluto Nash star - seriously, what was the last good movie he made? - and said to themselves “Sure, she can do the job.”

The KANSAS CITY STAR has the “story”:

“She’s pretty good,” [Jayice] Pearson said. “She auditioned for us last year and did a good job. They’re not asking her to be the expert on football and knowing all the X’s and O’s.”“But she’ll be able to report information that’s important to the broadcast. She can work a sideline.”

Turner also has become fairly well-known on the Los Angeles social scene, having been linked to Eddie Murphy and former NBA player Stacey Augmon.

Whoa, wait a minute. Stacey Augmon? We take back any snide comments we made above. You don’t land “Plastic Man” without grit, determination, grace and style. She’s the perfect lady for the battle zone on the gridiron sidelines.

Go get ‘em, Nischelle!