New ‘F’ Word For Sports Radio F-Bombers: FIRED

Back on Sunday, we brought you the story of Marty Tirrell and Larry Cotlar, two radio hosts at KXNO in central Iowa who just so happened to be dropping scads of profanity during a commercial break while their mics just so happened to still be on. Though the incident happened five days ago, no action had been taken by their employer, Clear Channel.

F Bomb

Well, no action until now, anyway, because WHO 13 is reporting that Tirrell and Cotlar were both canned today. Also, Geoff Conn, an assistant director of programming, was fired for being at the audio board while the profanities were aired. Oh, you thought it was all just an unfortunate coincidence? Silly you.

Honestly, we can’t say we’re either surprised or sympathetic; all three deserved to be fired. Conn’s the most obvious of the runafoulers; though we fully appreciate the work of someone at a radio station who hears a torrent of profanity and decides to sneak it on the air (no lie, we’d have done the same), that’s grounds for an automatic dismissal.

And though Cotlar and Tirrell now have an excuse of “we didn’t know we were live!” ready, sorry, but that ship sailed the very first day they got into radio. Ask anybody who’s ever been in broadcasting and they’ll tell you the first rule is to always treat a microphone like it’s on. Granted, that rule’s to protect from one-off swears like this:

The rule’s all-inclusive, though, especially when you’re working at a small-time jagoff radio station like KXNO. And since that unprofessionalism just cost them their jobs at said small-time jagoff radio station, you can only imagine what sort of radio job is left for them. Probably something like this.

“Buenos dias, poorest region of El Salvador! Me llamo Larry Cotlar!” “And me llamo Marty ‘El Diablo’ Tirrell!” “And this is THIS WEEK IN CENTRAL AMERICAN RUGBY CRICKET!” (quiet sobs) (gunshots)