New ESPN Mobile Phone Only Show Scorecenter Has Plenty Of Anchor Candidates

ESPN “SCORECENTER” HAS ANCHOR CANDIDATES APLENTY: Good news for the hundreds among us who made the fateful decision to purchase those second generation, new-fangled ESPN mobile phones. Sports media’s friendly, neighborhood 800-pound Orangutan this week unveiled an exciting array of programming which will be exclusively beamed directly to your sweaty, little handset.

ESPN Mobile Phone

The two new shows being produced for your centimeters-wide screen are called “ESPN ReSet” and “ScoreCenter”. And you can bet ESPN will provide short-straw-drawing top quality talent to staff those much anticipated productions.

ESPN Mobile Stuart Scott Steve Levey

For instance, Steve Levy and Stuart Scott as hosts of “ScoreCenter” is an absolute no-brainer, especially considering Scott’s text-messaging dexterity and Levy’s legend as a lady-killer.