Pats Stay Perfect, To Chagrin of ‘72 Dolphins

PATS STAY PERFECT, MUCH TO DISPLEASURE OF OLD FISH: Don Shula was less than a minute away from popping the champagne, but New England kept a cork in it, as Brady & the boys bested Baltimore 27-24 on Monday Night:

Belichick stealing signs

The Patriots now move to 12-0, and are only 4 games away from clinching the first undefeated regular season in the NFL since Shula’s 1972 Dolphins.How badly do the old Finsters want to keep the record to themselves? Shula took a seat in the Monday Night Football booth for several minutes, and spent his time rooting for the Ravens.

Mercury Morris Hair transplant

And CONSTRUDA notes that Mercury Morris is still pissed about the Pats possibility for perfection. When asked before Monday night’s game if he would welcome New England to ‘72 Dolphins status, Morris replied, “No. Hey, listen, a husband always needs a wife.”As for the actual on-field play, there was no love lost between the two AFC foes - or was there? AWFUL ANNOUNCING found Ravens coach Brian Billick blowing smooches to Pats safety Rodney Harrison:

Nice to see such bitter rivals kiss and make up.