New Eagle: Undrafted ‘If It Wasn’t For Youtube’?

Reuben Frank of reports on Andy Studebaker, an anonymous DIII defensive end from Wheaton College who apparently would not have been drafted had it not been for a video of one of his workouts on Youtube:

Andy Studebaker Youtube Workout

“Nobody ever heard of this kid, but then his workout started popping up on You Tube and next thing you know, he got super hot and everybody (in the NFL) is looking at him,” Eagles general manager Tom Heckert said. “If it wasn’t for You Tube, he probably wouldn’t have been drafted.”

Workout video after the jump.

Great find by Frank, but he ruined the piece with this lead:

Andy Studebaker played his college football at Wheaton College, a small, private, ultra-conservative NCAA Division III school near Chicago, where professors who get divorced are fired from their jobs because of the way school officials interpret the Bible.

What the hell? Who cares? Is that supposed to making Studebaker’s drafting that much more unlikely - because of his school’s HR policy and religious affiliation?