New Dunk-O-Meter Measures Throwdown Power

Think dunking hasn’t already ruined completely taken over high school, college and pro hoops? Well then you haven’t heard the news out of Clemson, where the college kids there have developed a device that not only measures the intensity of dunks, but also displays the results to fans in real time.

Clemson Dunk Meter

FIRST CUTS and ENGADGET point us to the website website, which breaks down the breakthrough:

The device uses a combination of two accelerometers, which measure acceleration, and the principles of basic physics to allow students to calculate within 15 seconds of the dunk how much energy was imparted to the basketball goal. Measurements appear on the video board almost immediately.

Clemson Dunk-O-Meter

After watching those stupid, fake crowd noise meters at various sports venues over the years, I’m a little skeptical of stuff like this.

So what constitutes a powerful dunk? Here’s the most context we get:

“Ray Sykes had a nasty dunk at the East Carolina University game,” said Jonathan Cox, one of the students working on the project. “It peaked at a little over 30 g’s, one of the highest recorded so far. That’s awesome when you consider an earthquake’s ground motion produces accelerations around point five and one g.”

I will almost guarantee that every college hoops team in the nation has one of these contraptions strapped to the backboard by next season. But it appears this is another thing that will further dilute the importance of fundamentals and team play on the court.

Brittney Griner

And to make matters worse, looks like the *fundamentally sound* ladies finally have someone who can actually light the thing up.