New ‘Clients’ For NCAA Target With Auburn Ties?

On Feb. 16 I broke the news that NCAA officials had recently visited Thibodaux, Louisiana, to investigate the recruitment of a current Auburn football player, Trovon Reed, and a recent football signee to the school, Greg Robinson.

Willie Lyles, Lache Seastrunk, Sean Nelson Facebook Photo

At the heart of that NCAA investigation was Thibodaux resident Sean Nelson. Nelson, who is an associate of Reed and Robinson, has been characterized as a street agent who exerted possible undue influence on the two recruits in their decision to choose Auburn. Nelson is also a known associate of the NCAA’s current public enemy #1, Will Lyles. Lyles’ one-man “recruiting service” was recently paid $25,000 by the University of Oregon for recruiting videos that the school has yet to produce to the public.

LSU also recently admitted it paid Lyles $6,500 last December with the school having since confirmed it will discontinue its relationship with him.

Like Nelson, Lyles has been characterized as a street agent who may have contributed to Texas high school football recruit Lache Seastrunk choosing Oregon. Wednesday ESPN reported that Lyles has also now been accused by current Tulsa assistant football coach Van Malone of soliciting $80,000 in 2007 for the football services of then-Florida high school recruit Patrick Peterson when Malone was an assistant coach at Texas A&M.

Since the initial allegations about Lyles broke regarding the exorbitant payment from Oregon to a single-person business entity created just months before coach Chip Kelly cut the check, Lyles has effectively gone into hiding from the media.

Nelson though is a different story, as I found out today.

Willie Lyles, Lache Seastrunk, Sean Nelson Facebook Photo

Even after the national notoriety now heaped on Lyles, which has placed the Oregon and LSU football programs in possible NCAA jeopardy, Nelson continues to display the above photo of himself, Lyles and Seastrunk on his Facebook page. (In 2009 Reed and Seastrunk together paid multiple visits to various prospective schools, including Auburn, with Lyles and Nelson in tow.)

Somehow worse though is the party promo flyer posted on Nelson’s same Facebook page - as his profile photo no less - for an April 8 shindig at a Thibodaux establishment. The advertisement touts the soiree as a “pre-prom party for Greg Robinson, Cartel Murray, Josh Johnson, Raheem Richard & Jarranisha Allen.

Sean Nelson Party Flyer

Robinson is the recent Auburn signee who was interviewed a little over a month ago by the NCAA about his recruitment to Auburn and his relationship with Nelson. Murray, Johnson and Richard are former teammates of Robinson and Reed at Thiboudaux high school with all considered legitimate college football prospects.

Underneath the party flyer posted on his Facebook page, Nelson wrote this note to current Thibodaux high school football player A.J. Bolden after Bolden lamented that he wouldn’t be part of the festivities:

no doubt u is part of it. when i was tryna get in touch wit u i had ur old number. finally i got ur number from neak but flyer was made. kampus smakk and dee daw performing and not on flyer. is gon be crazy

Sounds a lot like Nelson is throwing the party himself, no?

Six weeks after the NCAA interviewed Nelson about possible NCAA violations that could affect the future football careers of Reed and Robinson at Auburn, he’s promoting a party in which four of the five celebrants are college football prospects. (One of whom is already in the NCAA enforcement division’s crosshairs.)

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that the same flyer promoting the attendance of the high school prospects touts a cover charge.

Topping off wiper fluid from inside a Wal-mart service bay apparently ain’t paying nearly enough for Sean J. Nelson these days.

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