New “Brothers” Show Is Full of Zingers! (w/ Video)

Without a doubt, the show most likely to set the new fall lineup on fire is FOX’s new “Brothers” sitcom, starring Michael Strahan as - you’ll never guess - a retired football player named Mike. Oh, but the laughs don’t end there.

Michael Strahan Brothers wheelchair

(That’s his character’s handicapped brother, and if you think they’ll tackle that issue with sensitivity, you’re wrong; they’ll be canceled long before that point in the story arc.)

Strahan is using his football money to run a restaurant or something and blah blah blah I don’t care. Here’s a clip of the show, and get ready to laugh your tooth gaps off!

Ugh. “Don’t roll up on me like that”? Seriously? Awkward paralysis joke for the win/loss/something!

Naturally, people are excited for the show, which explains the huge amount of viewers of the previews on YouTube. Between the first three previews, there have already been, um, 3,500 views. Combined. In over two months. This makes for about 1% of the viewership for a similar sample of previews for The Cleveland Show, which is just basically Family Guy 2: 2 Unclever 2 Race Jokey.

What we’re surprised by is the fact that we haven’t seen Jay Glazer in any of these previews. How is Strahan’s little bobo not the first supporting role? In fact, why isn’t he just riding Strahan’s back the entire time like a little chimp, chattering incessantly until Strahan stuffs an apple in his mouth for him to chew noisily. How are they going to handle life apart? That’d be more riveting television than this mess.