New Book: “10 Percent” Of LPGAers Are Lesbians

Remember the recent bikini photos of Michelle Wie? One of the shots included Wie with a busty asian woman who probably elicited more than a few, “who’s that? damn!”

Christina Kim and Michelle Wie Photo

(Wie Pal Christina Kim: “It’s not easy to get laid on the LPGA tour”)

LPGA golfer Christina Kim was the other woman in the shot, and she’s known for not being afraid to dress provocatively off the course. She was one of three LPGA golfers who posed nude for ESPN The Magazine’s The Body Issue and her Twitter account is usually good for a deep cleavage shot or three.

Christina Kim Nude Photos

Kim recently wrote a book with Alan Shipnuck about her life on the LPGA Tour called Swinging From My Heels. In it she covers her sexual dilemma - in more ways than one.


It’s not easy to get laid on the LPGA tour. We’re like a traveling circus that barnstorms in and out of a new town every week, and this vagabond lifestyle makes it hard to meet quality people, or get serious with those you do come across. If one of the guys on the PGA Tour is feeling lonely there is always a nice selection of so-called rope-hopers, those pretty young things who show up at tournaments in short-skirts and do-me heels and preen by the gallery ropes, hoping to attract a wandering eye. Even if you are so inclined, it’s slim pickings in our galleries: horny teens clutching Natalie Gulbis calendars, dads with their daughters, or retirees in sandals with black socks.


Because there’s never been an honest, open discussion about lesbianism on tour, it has become a source of fascination among many golf fans — and especially male reporters — who have only heard various rumors and innuendo. Contrary to what many people think, we are not the Lesbians Playing Golf Association. By my count there are no more than two dozen gay women playing the tour right now. Considering there are 230 active members, you’re only talking about 10 percent of the players, which from everything I’ve read is in line with the population as a whole.

I understand that thanks to Howard Stern and Internet porn many guys are keenly interested in girl-on-girl action, but to every player I know the issue is just not that big a deal. There are no super-freaky homophobes out here or militant man-haters. At most, a player’s sexuality may be an occasional practice-round conversation piece:

“Hey, did you hear that so-and-so likes girls?”

“Really? Huh. So, did you hit an 8-iron or a 9?”

I’d love to see Kim go on a tear and win a dozen or so events on Tour so she’d get more attention from the media. Personality-wise, she’s a much more intelligent female version of John Daly.

With smaller breasts of course.