New Audio System To Kick NASCAR Fans’ Butts

I’m not exactly an auto racing enthusiast, but I’ve been to a few races and the one thing they all had in common was that they were unbelievably loud.


(Yeah, but will you be able to “feel” these people next to you?)

That’s one of the reasons I stopped going, but for most race fans ear-splitting noise = awesome. Enter a company called Guitammer, which promises to build you a home audio system that will help you “feel the speed” of a NASCAR race as you watch it. Of course, it’s not a real racing experience unless they also help you feel that loose tire careening over the wall into your seat.

Prepare to have your butt kicked. Literally.The accessory is called the ButtKicker, and it goes in your couch. The idea is that it uses low frequencies to literally shake you when a car roars by on your TV, or when Rajon Rondo tries to throw Kirk Hinrich through a table. It’s like one of those vibrating Playstation controllers for your booty. SCENE DAILY explains it a little better than me:

Using a low frequency audio system, the ButtKicker sends the sound into the listener’s body, recreating the ripple effect of sound’s physical sensation. Rubber buffers placed under the furniture eliminate the thump-thump aggravation that accompanies so many souped-up car and home audio setups, the company says.

The partnership between Guitammer and NASCAR hasn’t technically started yet, but that’s not preventing fans from getting one of these things and installing it now. They go for $400 right now, and you can find out more about them at

And they aren’t just for sports:

The audio push fits in with current trends of sensory overload in entertainment, from home theaters and high-definition TVs to the emphasis on 3-D movie theaters. A new AMC movie theater in Kansas City will feature Guitammer audio beneath every seat, an experiment that could portend national expansion.

Honestly, the thing sounds pretty cool and SCENE DAILY’s story says they will probably be reduced to $299 for the NASCAR promotion. Although you could just go to your local motel, plug a quarter into that vibrating bed machine and watch the race and get about the same experience.

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