New AC Milan Motto: ‘Wait For Me In The Big Bed’

It’s official: European sports owners have a lot more fun than their counterparts in the U.S. Of course this is Silvo Berlusconi, who is also the Italian Prime Minister, and by all accounts has more fun than just about anyone. Berlusconi also owns seven-time UEFA Champions League soccer power AC Milan, and to put that in perspective for Americans, pretend that Jerry Jones is also just been elected President. Yikes (shivers).

Lucia Rossini, Barbara Monteecle

But unlike Nancy Pelosi or even John Ensign, Mr. Berlusconi is currently being accused of fielding a team of a different nature in his Roman mansion — that of a bevy of high-paid ladies of the evening. An Italian newspaper is reporting that prosecutors are preparing to question 30 young women who have been allegedly procured as prostitutes for parties at Berlusconi’s home.


The women, including Eastern European models, were recruited to attend at least five parties thrown by Mr Berlusconi at his mansion in central Rome and his villa on Sardinia’s exclusive Costa Smeralda, LA REPUBBLICA newspaper claimed.

A businessman acquaintance of Mr Berlusconi, Giampaolo Tarantini, 35, is under investigation by prosecutors in the Adriatic port of Bari on suspicion of abetting prostitution by recruiting models and call girls for the prime minister’s private parties.

Miss Montereale, 23, a model, has claimed that a third woman who attended the candle-lit dinner, Patrizia D’Addario, 42, a high-class escort, was paid 1,000 euros (£850) to go to bed with the 72-year-old prime minister that night.

“Go and wait for me in the big bed,” the prime minister allegedly said, telling Miss D’Addario that he was going to take a shower. She claims to have made audio and video recordings of the evening, the authenticity of which is now being checked by prosecutors in Bari.

Berlusconi doesn’t confine himself to prostitutes, though. THE TELEGRAPH has even put together a Top 10 list of the women with whom he’s been associated. And here’s an essay in THE GUARDIAN on why all of this is unlikely to harm his political career.

Berlusconi recently drove manager Carlo Ancelotti into the arms of Chelsea by claiming that Ancelotti screwed up AC Milan’s season with “bad tactics.” That choice or words seems rather ironic now.