Nevada Tries Publicly Shaming Fans Into Behaving

In recent years, the NFL has proactively sought to corral the incorrigibles that ruin the stadium experience for the rest of us, and now the college game is following suit. The circumstances are a little different — college affairs usually feature a mix of horny, drunk undergrads and a healthy dose of well-off alums; the NFL crowd is roughly 90 percent pot-smoking, beer-swilling meat heads; 10 percent families who’ve had season tickets for 20 years.

SEC official arrested

For the college crowd, the two groups usually co-exist without much trouble, but apparently things are changing. For the worst. Which is why the University of Nevada has devised a clever scheme to identify the a-holes in real time.

Fans attending a football game at Nevada’s Mackay Stadium no longer needs to look for an usher to quell a fan who is out of line. They merely have to go to the cellphone and send a text message. The text number will be displayed on the scoreboard several times during the course [of the game] and will be announced over the public address system as well.

Can’t see how this ends badly. I mean, there’s no way inebriated ne’er-do-wells will spend an entire game texting their buddy’s name to the scoreboard police.

The Bengals tried something similar (but less technologically savvy) a few years ago with predictable results: the same clowns whose behavior made the games unwatchable for everybody else, tied up the JERK Hotline with bogus requests. The irony burns.

Still, I applaud Nevada for trying to deter the “small percent of people who cause trouble and ruin the game-day experience for others,” I just have a feeling things are going to get worse before they get better. By the way, no word on whether you can nominate the game officials for scoreboard status.

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