Nevada Hoopster Used Gun To Avenge FB Fight

When Nevada basketball player Ahyaro Phillips was kicked off the Wolfpack basketball team last week for an undisclosed gun charge, there seemed to be more to the story than was being told. And now thanks to the NEVADA SAGEBRUSH, we know exactly what went down. Phillips allegedly went to the school’s recreation center with a .22 caliber gun looking for Nevada linebacker Adam Liranzo as a result of a fight at a party a few days earlier.

Ahyaro Phillips and Adam Liranzo

I’m guessing that Phillips wasn’t seeking out Liranzo to get some gun safety tips. This could have been very, very bad, but fortunately Phillips was stopped before things went from farcical to tragic. Phillips is now facing up to a year in jail if convicted, and although he seemed “somber” when turning himself into the police, the fact that “he still thinks he wasn’t wrong” doesn’t bode well for him having learned any lesson.

The problems apparently started at an off-campus party on April 11. Phillips allegedly got into a verbal altercation with a girl at the party. Nevada defensive back Jonathan Ott originally stepped in to intervene, Wolfpack Senior Associate Athletic Director Keith Hackett said, and then a good old-fashion melee broke out.

“Jonathan went over to him and said, ‘Let’s all be cool,’” Hackett said. “(Ahyaro) took a swing at Jonathan and missed. Then, Adam stepped in and boom. And that was it — one punch.”

So not only is Phillips apparently a hothead with access to weapons, but apparently he’s got a glass jaw as well. He also doesn’t seem to be the brightest bulb in the world, having already been arrested back in October on petty theft charges at a Reno-area sporting goods store (the charges were later dropped).

While Phillips has been kicked off the team, the school is deciding if there is a need to take further action against Ott and Liranzo for their role in the mess. I don’t know why: it sounds like Ott was trying to be the peacemaker, while Liranzo only struck after the first punch was thrown. And if he can hit as hard on the field as he can at a kegger, look out for the Wolfpack this season.