Neuheisel Takes Helicopter To HS Football Game

• Need to make it to a high school football game on time? Just do like Rick Neuheisel does - call in the choppers!

Rick Neuheisel Blue Thunder helicopter

• Maybe Vince Young knew what was going to happen when he didn’t want to go back on the field on Sunday.

• Sorry, Chad - no Ocho Cinco game jersey for you this week.

• With Brady bounced for the year, are New England Patriots fans ready to rally ’round the Cassel?

• One Colts fan bucks at the thought of paying $1,280 for brand-new stadium seats that turn out to have obstructed views.

• We always figured Rosario Dawson would make a great tight end.

• Please, don’t talk playoffs with A-Rod. It confuses him.

• Last year, it was Facebook pokes. This year, it’s cell phone threats. What new technologies are on the horizon for UCF fans to heckle Matt Grothe with?

• Even a Super Bowl win & a halftime speech on cancer won’t keep NY Giants fans from booing their owner. (Of course, charging $20,000 PSL’s for the new stadium doesn’t help, either.)

• Rejoice, all you cycling & Dodger fans! Lance Armstong & Vin Scully are both coming back.