Presenting ‘Boom Goes The Dynamite: The Sequel’

There must be something unnerving about being a sports anchor for an Indiana college. First, Ball State gives us Mr. “Boom Goes The Dynamite“. And now, Huntington University presents this distressed desk jockey:

CO-ED MAGAZINE comes across this clip of Tom Brodbeck, making his live on-screen debut for his school’s HTV News. And it couldn’t have gone better.

Some of the more memorable on-air quips: “Could we start over? I’m so nervous … This is why I want to be a director, and not on camera.”

And best of all - “You’re going down, Lauren.

But Tom shouldn’t let such a bad start ruin a promising media career. Even professionals have had trouble keeping their composure - and teeth.

Dale Hansen of WFAA-TV in Dallas wasn’t in such a sporty mood for this newscast:

While Dale loses his temper, Warner Wolf of WCBS-TV in New York loses his dentures:

Even ESPN isn’t immune to the occasional slip of the tongue (NSFW):

And it’s not just sports, but traffic & weather (also NSFW):

So, buck up and keep fighting, Tom! Just like Rocky - your favorite song.