Neighbors Snapped 17000 Photos Of Gordie Howe Home Per Day

NEIGHBORS SNAP 17,000 PICS OF HOWE’S HOUSE PER DAY: The DETROIT NEWS reports that Gordie Howe is ensnarled in a homeowners association dispute in suburban Detroit, and Mr. Hockey has dropped the gloves when it comes to the conflict.

Gordie Howe

The 79-year-old Howe on Tuesday “filed an eight-count stalking lawsuit in Oakland County Circuit Court claiming Lionel and Karen Dorfman, a retired couple in their 70s, have engaged in unlawful eavesdropping and invasion of privacy for more than a year.

What were the Dorfmans doing? Taking pictures of Howe’s home. Lots and LOTS of pictures. 17,000 per day to be exact.

The Dorfmans, who live across the street from Mr. Hockey, claim Howe is running a business outside of his home, which is against their homeowner association rules. So they’ve been snapping photos of any and all activity around Gordie’s house for the past year.

Meanwhile, Howe contends that the traffic around his home is in part because of 24-hour nursing care that his wife requires.

Gordie Howe Fight

This week a judge granted a restraining order against the Dorfmans from taking any more piccies. It’s a good thing, because we all know how old time hockey players like Howe prefer to settle their differences.