Neighbors Didn’t See Nordegren ‘Damage’ Woods

The ORLANDO SENTINEL reports two attorneys for the neighbors of Tiger Woods who called 911 after the golfer’s car accident said today that Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren was trying to help the golfer, not injure him.

Tiger 911 Call Audio

“He was laying in the road. Mrs. Woods was beside him trying to help him,” Sharp said. “He couldn’t get up. Whether he was conscious, unconscious, I don’t know. She (Nordegren) was trying to help him. She wasn’t trying to do further damage.”

While Woods was completely out of it, and Nordegren later furnished attending EMTs with two prescription pill bottles, the the Adames family “saw no indication that Woods and wife Elin Nordegren were fighting or that drugs or alcohol was involved.”

The neighbors reported they didn’t see the crash not Nordegren with a golf club. They said Woods was out of the SUV and on the ground when deputies arrived and that Nordegren “asked the Adamses (neighbors) to help them.

So Nordegren was able to smash out the back windows of the Escalade, pull Woods out of the truck herself but then went to ask neighbors to “help them” afterwards?

As for the comments of the attorneys of the neighbors, it’s clear that the lawyers want us all to think the Adames saw absolutely nothing that would be material in the Florida Highway Patrol investigation. Nor was there any sign of a domestic disturbance.