Witness Claims Henry Threatened Jump Off Truck

CBS-TV Charlotte affiliate WBTV has another eyewitnesses account of theĀ fatal incident involving Chris Henry and Loleini Tonga yesterday.

Chris Henry reportedly still alive after pickup truck accident in Charlotte

WBTV spoke with a neighbor who claims he witnessed an argument between Henry and Tonga on Wednesday outside her parents’ Peachtree Road home in northwest Charlotte. The neighbor said Tonga left the house driving a yellow Ford F150 truck. Henry got into the back of the pickup and continued yelling at Tonga.

The neighbor said he heard Henry tell Tongo he was going to throw himself out of the back of the truck if she didn’t stop.

Another person who lived near where Henry eventually landed, Sharon Hofman, was at the scene and attended to the fallen Henry. She also reported an account of what she saw to reporters and police.

Hofman told ESPN-TV that she saw Henry “foaming at the mouth” when she first approached him with a blanket. Hofman also said that Tongo told attending police officers that Henry had jumped out of the truck.

Another unnamed neighbor told ESPN News this afternoon that Henry was “banging on the roof of the truck” from the flatbed of the pickup when it left the driveway of the house where the couple was staying.