Neglected Hockey Mom Goes WAAAAY Too Public

Dakshana Bascaramurty of TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL today opened a window into the world of hockey fans that’s probably best left behind an extremely opaque curtain.

Don Cherry Hockey Mom - DO NOT WANT

Bascaramurty starts by replaying the worn-out cliche of hockey-obsessed husbands neglecting their wives once puck season is in play. But naming some of those people and describing at least one woman’s sex acts? Yep, you’ve just been connected to the too-much-information dept.

A woman named Cori Stern-Torres is cited in the lede of the piece, and described thusly:

But if Ms. Stern-Torres yearns for a longer session between the sheets, she has to share time with 21 hulking men – her husband’s beloved Rangers.

There were times when we were having sex and he’s been watching the game,” she said from her home in New York. “If I want to get some and there’s a game on, that’s what we have to do.”

How’s the convo ’round the copy machine at Stern-Torres’ place of employ likely to go Friday morning?

It’s bad enough Stern-Torres puts up with that from her husband, but to give out her name for the story? Somebody needs to apply for self-esteem reparations.

Not surprisingly, there’s no photo of Stern-Torres in the story. But of course, with a name like that, if she’s posted anything of herself on the web, it’ll take a millisecond to find it.

Cori Stern-Torres Neglected Hockey Mom

She’s certainly not someone I would characterize as ugly, so it pains me a bit to read of her plight. It’d be one thing if she was merely dreg-worthy, but that’s not the case.

Piece of advice for Ms. Stern-Torres: dump the guy, and ease off on Fluffy’s neck.