Ne’er-Do-Well Steals Panthers Rookie’s Escalade

There are plenty of perks to being a professional athlete: local celebrity, gobs of dough, the ladies, and the opportunity to wear snazzy work clothes. But there’s also a downside to fame. In addition to long lost relatives invariably appearing out of nowhere asking for a loan, there’s also the very real possibility of becoming a target of enterprising criminals.

Cadillac Escalade

Dunta Robinson, Antoine Walker and Rashard Mendenhall are three such examples, and now, Panthers first-round pick Jeff Otah’s Cadillac Escalade joins the fun.

Apparently, Otah’s brother was behind the wheel when Marcellus Morris, one of Charlotte’s most wanted criminals, pulled off the carjacking.


Charlotte’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Team, or VCAT, is looking for Morris.

“As [Otah’s brother] pulled into his apartment complex, he noticed two guys standing on the corner they approached him, one with a rifle, one with a pistol, pulled it on him, carjacked him, then robbed him,” Officer Tim Slater said.

I don’t have any experience with being carjacked, but here’s a pretty good rule of thumb: if two dudes you don’t know approach your car brandishing a rifle and a pistol, it’s probably in your best interest to not wait around to see what they have to say. I know, I sound like Safety Sam here, but you can never be too careful.

The police are still looking for Morris, who, as one PRO FOOTBALL TALK commenter pointed out, is likely headed to Cincinnati to sign with the Bengals.