Recovery Of Gored Bullfighter: “Progressing Well”

EUROPA PRESS has the latest on Julio Aparicio, the bullfighter gored through the neck and mouth Friday (pics, video) at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid.

Julio Aparico Spanish Bullfighter Gored Through Neck And Mouth

(The unintentionally amusing web translation)

The Press reports that Aparicio is “progressing well” but remains in intensive care after undergoing two surgeries after the incident. Aparacio was initially treated at the Madrid Las Ventas bullring infirmary where he underwent a one-hour emergency surgery.


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Aparicio was then transferred to Madrid’s October 12 hospital where doctors performed an emergency tracheotomy and attempted to reconstruct his jaw, tongue and the roof of his mouth during a six-hour procedure.

The Spanish tabloid reports Sunday that Aparicio suffered no brain damage and that doctors said the reconstructive surgeries suffered no immediate complications. All indications are that Aparicio will indeed recover, but the status of his bullfighting career is unknown.

Europa Press also reports that an organized group of Spanish media observers harshly criticized the Spanish press for continually broadcasting the images of Aparicio’s horrific goring throughout the country.

Excerpt - via web translation:

Plaza del Castillo The Association of Users of the Media, Viewers and Listeners (ATR Navarra) on Sunday criticized the profusion by means of the “appalling” images of the bullfighter Julio Aparicio caught last Friday in the Plaza of Sales in Madrid.

“We have saved even a single point of view of the grave misfortune that could cost him his life to the killer of bulls present in all digital media, on the cover and inside large size of all the newspapers”, said since this group in a statement that expressed “displeasure” with these images.

It also ensured that no television channel “has been deprived of taking the f— over and over again” on the news. “This is an image that will haunt the bullfighter while he lives, regardless of the passage of time and events in your life and the world of bullfighting,” he adds.

As for the 525-pound bull appropriately named “Blunder” that gored Aparicio, bullfight rules stipulate that all of the animals involved in the event proceedings are to be killed regardless of the outcome.

What was most interesting out of this for me was the reaction of readers to the goring. It seemed the majority of you had little sympathy for Aparicio given the brutal nature of the Spanish “sport”. The more I think about it, the more I agree with most of you.