Nebraska’s Nudie Wrestlers Kicked Off Of Team

Over the last few days, University of Nebraska wrestlers Paul Donahoe and Kenny Jordan have gotten quite a bit more attention that college wrestlers are used to. That tends to happen when you start posing nude for gay porn sites, which is exactly what the two grapplers did for FRATMEN.COM.

Nebraska Wrestlers kicked off team

Unfortunately for the two young men, showing your penis on the internet doesn’t fit the type of image that Nebraska would like their athletes to portray. Which is why after discussing the matter internally at the school over the last few days, the school has decided to kick both wrestlers off the team.


“The history of behavior of these men, including the current matter, does not reflect the standard of excellence we aspire to on and off the mat,” coach Mark Manning said in a statement. “We have outstanding student-athletes in our program and we will move forward in a positive manner toward our goals.

“I want to personally apologize for any embarrassment that may have been caused for our athletic department, the university and our fans.”

In case you’re wondering what coach Manning means when he refers to the “history of behavior of these men,” it turns out that these two are pretty much hardened criminals who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Check out the rap sheets these two have.

Jordan has had to pay fines for such crimes as possessing or consuming alcohol as a minor, trespassing, and assault.

Donahoe has gotten in trouble with Johnny Law for having an open alcohol container, and in a heinous act that makes me sick to my stomach, maintaining a disorderly house. Oh, the humanity! “We fold our laundry and put it away in Nebraska, son!”

Imagine that, college kids drinking, fighting, and throwing parties out of their house. (At Penn State, this is referred to as “Tuesday”.) Even Lawrence Phillips thinks these guys are an embarrassment to Nebraska’s good name. Of course, what I’d like to know is that if a couple of girls from Nebraska’s swim team posed for Playboy’s Girls of the Big 12 issue, would the school kick them off the team? Or is it just the fact that these two guys posed for a gay porn site that was the problem?

Both men plan on wrestling again in the future, even if they don’t quite know where that will be.