Nebraska Spring Football Tickets Going for $250?

We all know that spring football games are just a ruse by universities to make a bunch of cash by giving rabid fans their offseason fix. It’s a fun day of tailgating without having to worry that your team will lose to Toledo.

Nebraska Spring Game Tickets

But things are getting way too crazy over in Lincoln, Nebraska, where a pair of seats for Cornhuskers’ April scrimmage will set you back as much as $253, according to StubHub. Perhaps Nebraska fans are just excited that the Huskers will be playing someone they can beat.

UWIRE says that for the first time, students are not being allotted tickets for the game, so they have to compete with the general public for seats. Why is this policy in effect? Money, of course. Student tickets are free, while other seats naturally are not. By holding aside a bunch of student seats, the school runs the risk of not having them filled on game day, thus costing itself the money it could’ve made by selling them.

Now, students are being told that they’ll get whatever seats are left when they sign up. And how lazy are students about simply signing up for free tickets (which is all they have to do)? Only 1,588 students had done so by Monday, while more than 60,000 seats have been sold for the game. There are more than 70 seats available on StubHub, all for at least $49. The face value for the tickets is $10.

How insane is the run for tickets? StubHub doesn’t have any spring football tickets on sale for traditional powerhouses like Ohio State, Florida, and Alabama.


  1. GravatarMy Name Aint Earl
    8:39 pm on February 10th, 2009

    I guess the economy is doing quite well in Nebraska, unlike everywhere else.

  2. GravatarGO BIG RED
    9:13 pm on February 10th, 2009

    I have six Spring Game tickets, and I wouldn't sell them at that price.

    But what do you expect from a guy who is willing to drive 11 hours just to be in what becomes the third largest city in Nebraska on game day? 
    Hey - Hook Em Horndog - does it bother you that I am willing to drive 11 hours from Texas to go to a 'practice.'