Near-Naked Truth Emerges About Beauty Queen

Being Michael Phelps‘ arm candy is a rough job. Back in December, former Phelps flame Caroline “Caz” Pal claimed she was being “victimized by the media” when topless photos of her surfaced across the internet (including here at SPORTSbyBROOKS).

Carrie Prejean topless and present

Now, recent Phelps companion and Miss California 2009 Carrie Prejean, who first made waves with her decidedly traditional views on marriage, is coming under fire for some naughty photos of her own (after the jump, of course).

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Carrie Prejean topless
(photo credit: THEDIRTY.COM)

Of course, these aren’t just any naughty photos, and this isn’t just any beauty queen. Ever since she made headlines at the Miss USA contest with her views on “opposite marriage”, Prejean has taken to wearing her religious faith on her sleeve and speaking out against equal marriage rights for homosexual couples. She was recently named spokeswoman for something called the “National Organization for Marriage” and appeared in ads defending “traditional” marriage.

Carrie Prejean bikini
(Prejean wistfully thinking about heterosexual marriage)

With all this in mind, the appearance of topless photos might not go over well with her far-right religious buddies. When asked for a response by the LOS ANGELES TIMES, Prejean predictably cloaked herself in religion and attacked THEDIRTY.COM, the source of the photos, rather than taking responsibility for her actions. She also claims that they are “modeling photos”, despite the photos’ rather obvious self-snapshot quality.

However, even if you don’t particularly care for Prejean or where she stands on issues, you have to admit that her 15 minutes of notoriety are welcome to continue as long as stuff like this keeps leaking out.