NE Patriots Still Want to Own “19-0″ Trademark

Determined to win something decisively this year, New England Patriots lawyers continue to press for the trademarks to “19-0″ and “19-0 The Perfect Season” so they can place the trademark on such items as golf balls, Christmas tree ornaments, jigsaw puzzles, and “toy and decorative windsocks”.

Bill Belichick

(Ho ho ho! 19 and oh!™)

So we’ve learned two facts today: The Patriots knows no boundaries and there is such a thing as a toy windsock. Perhaps Bill Belichick never received one from dad Steve as a kid and continues to vent his anger on society today for that perceived slight. Why didn’t you buy him the toy windsock, Steve? He wasn’t going to shoot his eye out with it!

As always, what makes sense from a humanity standpoint has been separated from what makes sense from a legal standpoint. We will happily mock the Patriots for this chutzpah from here till next Super Bowl Sunday. (By the way, no “19-0 The Perfect Season” menorahs?)

However, most of the work has already been done on the paperwork and there might be value in the trademark yet. Why not finish the job and file it away for a rainy day? (Note: rainy days not allowed for Super Bowls.)

Still, here’s our free advice (worth every penny of it) for the next true undefeated NFL team: “18+1: That’s how it’s done, New England”.

…actually, screw that. We’re off to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Cover for us, wouldja?