ND Irish Hesitant On Offering Hawaiian Hospitality

• Looking to get lei’d? Then don’t go to Saturday’s Notre Dame game.

Notre Dame leprechaun Hawaiian lei girls

• Could Bill Cowher be convinced to coach the Cleveland Browns?

Bud Selig is tweaking postseason play, weather you like it or not.

Eric Musselman may not know if Bill Walsh is still alive, but the ex-NBA coach knows he’s got it good with sideline-reporting Fox Danyelle Sargent.

• A gymnast finally accuses Bela Karolyi of abuse. You know, the gymastics coach known for screaming out abuse?

• Although reality is proving otherwise, the T-Wolves say they got a good deal by dumping Kevin Garnett.

• Texas Tech’s b-ball team scores 167 points on an Oklahoma college. Can the football team repeat the same success on another Sooner State school?

• Sorry, Rick Neuheisel, you can’t use the chopper tonight - Lawrence Welk’s grandson needs it.

• And the winner of the Shaq-Kobe cuddling-up caption contest is…

Shaq Kobe hug

CARD4LIFE, with his handy helpful household hint:

Hi! Billy Mays here.
I used Mighty Mendit on these two and now they are chemically inseparable.

Thanks to everyone for their comedic contributions. Have a fun and festive pre-Thanksgiving weekend!