NCAA Throws 14,434-page book @ 97 YO Wooden

Bill Dwyre of the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports on a recent investigation into the UCLA basketball program that has been launched by the NCAA. The target? 97-year-old John Wooden.

John Wooden

Just before the start of this college basketball season, UCLA received a letter of inquiry from the NCAA, seeking information about possible illegal contact between a recruit and a person representing the interests of the university.

The recruit was Kevin Love, now the Bruins’ star freshman center.

The person representing the interests of the university was John Wooden.”

Illegal contact” meaning that Wooden had a chat with Love during his recruiting trip to UCLA (Love has since signed with the school and is one of the team’s top players).

The most notable part of the visit with Love and his family? “Wooden teased the Loves’ young daughter, Emily, for being so quiet, and a nice time was had by all.

Wooden remains a paid consultant of the university, so his visit with Love is apparently within NCAA rules. But the investigation remains “in limbo“, and UCLA officials aren’t so sure Wooden should meet recruits or have any contact with players.

Let us repeat: HE’S 97-YEARS OLD. Unless you count giving inside tips on a great place to get a colonoscopy, we don’t know what could possibly be wrong with Wooden meeting recruits.

Not surprisingly, the identity of the person who made the complaint has been kept confidential. But we have our ideas.