NCAA Gouge Fans Buys Out Over Big Dance Ducats

NCAA TO GOUGE FAN’S BUYS OUT OVER BIG DANCE DUCATS: The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that the NCAA is doing all it can to let fans know that if anyone is going to do any NCAA basketball tournament ticket gouging, it’s the NCAA.

NCAA Tournament Ticket Gouge

The NCAA is “threatening to blacklist fans who are caught scalping tickets anywhere other than, the NCAA’s official ticket reseller.

Final Four Illinois Fans Vince Vaughan

Why does the NCAA care about that? Well the online ticket broker “levies a fee of up to 25% on each March Madness ticket resold” on its site, so the NCAA and RazorGator “will share as much as $454 if someone spends $1,819 for the highest-priced ticket available online Friday.

Michigan State Final Four Girls

In other words, if you try to sell NCAA tournament tickets with a 25% markup (as the NCAA does), you will be “blacklisted” from buying tickets and/or attending March Madness in person.

Final Four Florida Fans

And adding to the fun is the fact that the NCAA “also shares in profits generated by tickets RazorGator is bundling into upscale travel packages.” USA TODAY reports “RazorGator Experiences” has a $6,245 package for sale that includes tickets for the Final Four, a room at the Hyatt hotel in downtown Atlanta and hospitality passes that include ‘an upgrade to lower-level VIP seating.’”

NCAA’s potential take on that $6,245 offer: $1,560.