NCAA Games Online For Free - CBI, Not So Much

I can sense your excitement for the inaugural College Basketball Invitational from all the way over here, so please, tone it down a bit. There are children present. The Final Four (second regression) of Virginia, Tulsa, Houston, and Bradley is indeed more excitement than a non-exploding skull can handle.

CBI - Not Free

(CBI isn’t free, it costs more than a buck oh-five.)

Moreover, you’re feenin’ to catch those games online. Surely a fledgling tourney wants to get their product out to the masses as easy as possible, much like the NCAA tournament does with their free streaming games online … or, you know, the CBI could also charge $7 per game for buffering goodness. Either way works.

It’s no NCAA tournament, and it’s not even the NIT — a barometer of quality right there — but it is college basketball, and the teams aren’t horrible. Yet the viewers only “free” access to the games are to those already paying for Fox College Sports.

Reserving judgment until one watches the games is probably a good idea. But having to fork over 695 pennies to taste test the Teams That Lost To Memphis Invitational probably isn’t worth it.