NCAA Cracking Down On Foul Language Of College Basketball Coaches

ZEBRAS SOON TO OVERRUN FINE CITIZENS OF LUBBOCK, TX: The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports today that the NCAA is finally getting serious about cleaning up college basketball.

Tim Floyd

Yeah, policing the recruitment of 8-year-olds, eliminating cash payments to players and snuffing out rampant academic fraud is important. But Myles Brand & Co. has really zeroed in on what ails the great game of college hoops: Foul language by coaches.

The Star reports that college referees this year “will be cleaning up bad language” from college basketball coaches. Apparently this means that coaches will be given a technical foul whenever a dirty word is heard, without warning.

The CHARLOTTE OBSERVER adds-on about the move, reporting that some coaches are concerned the NCAA “will award postseason officiating opportunities based on how those rules are applied.

Bob Knight

So THAT explains all those recent zebra sightings in Lubbock, TX.