NCAA Considering Beach Volleyball As New Sport

It’s still an Olympic sport, which can’t be said of softball. But beach volleyball seems to experiencing a jump in popularity, so the NCAA has voted to add it to a list of sports they’re considering to make into actual no-foolin’ varsity sports. That sound you heard was Allison Stokke’s father putting out a red alert on overprotective fathers of athletic, attractive women everywhere.

Beach volleyball, NCAA sport?

It’s definitely a spring break type of sport — which is why they’re calling it “sand volleyball” instead — but with promises of Olympic gold in 2008, there may be enough interest to start intercollegiate competitions in the near future.

Of course, they have to hire coaches, figure out what the format will be, and buy up some of that Nebraska beachfront property. But USA Volleyball, the AVP tour, and a handful of schools that play in club tournaments couldn’t be happier to see the beach volleyball program extend to the collegiate level. And neither could men, ages 15-65:

Jenelle Koester beach volleyball babe

Yeah. Something tells me Joe Francis might lose a HUGE share of his business.