NCAA Cinderella Studies As Well As The Big Boys

Davidson College is a nationally recognized and highly selective liberal arts college near Charlotte, NC, founded in 1837 by Presbyterians (Google Search). Both the town and college were named for Brigadier General William Lee Davidson, a Revolutionary War commander. (Wikipedia)

Davidson celebrates

(YAY another week out of class!)

Also, sensational sophomore Stephen Curry led the Davidson Wildcats to an improbable comeback win over mighty Georgetown, earning a spot in the NCAA Tournament’s Round of 16. (Boston Globe/AP)

Sorry for all the pseudo-plagiarism; we’re just getting into the spirit of the college basketball student-athlete around here. We liked Curry and Davidson during the weekend when we heard they cribbed their theme song from the Red Sox. However, we’re completely smitten now that we know their players study as hard as the big conference stars.

Boris Meno has been the leading rebounder for the Wildcats the last two seasons. His French major seems fairly impressive on first glance, but… well, take it away, THERMOCASTER:

“And then I went to the Davidson Athletics website and learned that Boris Meno was born and raised in Paris, France.”

Brilliant! That’s the true devotion of a student-athlete, leaving the largest concentration of French people in the world (outside Quebec) to study French in North Carolina. That’s how you play with the big boys, Davidson. Well done. And good work on the accent coach to help Boris blend in:

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